About Us - Meet the Team

David Wright



David Wright has over 30 years of experience in the areas of mortgage banking, tax accounting, and real estate.   He is passionate about helping you make informed decisions as you buy or sell your home – whether it’s your first or one of many.  David’s unique, combined expertise in these areas gives you a wealth of information about your real estate transaction and it’s implications from a variety of perspectives.   His goal is to help you understand your options so that you can make the best decision for your future. Throughout his career, his primary form of advertising has been through referrals and repeat business from existing clients.   

We hope you’ll become one of our clients, too.  

David is an avid golfer and his office is upstairs above the clubhouse at Western Skies Golf Club.  

Ann Sorrentino


Associate Broker

Ann received her real estate license in 1992 to supplement her income as an educator and to help her son through college.  Since then, she has continued to work in real estate on a part time basis.  In 2009, she earned her real estate broker’s license and currently serves as an Associate Broker at Wright Realty Group.  She continues to enjoy helping her clients sell their current homes and find the home of their dreams.  Her clients often refer their families and friends.  

To Ann, real estate is all about matching her clients with the perfect home and helping them throughout the purchasing process.